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The Blockade Runner Co. has been in business since 1983 supplying the reenacting community with superior products at the best prices around.

Everything we sell is guaranteed to meet your high standards or your money back!!!

All of our tents are made of Sunforger, (t.m.) 10.38 ounce, fire retardant, mildew resistant and water repellant canvas unless otherwise stated.
This is without a doubt the finest canvas on the market at any price. Call or e-mail us for a free sample of this material so you can judge for yourself.
Try to burn it, I dare you! Hold your lighter to the canvas until you see a flame rise, then remove the lighter. you know what happens next? The flame on the canvas goes out!
Remember, you and your family's safety could one day depend on this feature. Tents made of Sunforger weigh less than tents of the same size made of other types of canvas. Sunforger gets it's toughness and durability from it's super tight "boat shrunk" weave. Not from excess bulky material.

All of our tents are sewn on double needle machines with heavy cotton wrapped poly thread for the strongest longest lasting tent you can buy anywhere. (that's why we say)
You can buy a cheaper tent
But you can't buy a better tent!

A word about fire retardant canvas.

Every day more and more State and Federal parks are requiring reenactors to use tents made of fire retardant materials. Our tents meet and exceed all State and Federal requirements.

Remember, nothing is fire proof but our tents will not sustain a flame by themselves. Always keep a close watch on your camp fire and never leave it unattended.

Thread count

Take a look at the other guys tent. Now look at the seam. How many stitches per inch are there? Three, Four maybe? Now look on a Blockade Runner brand tent, 10, that's right
count 'em ten stitches per inch every inch every time! Now who's tent do you think will stay together the longest?


Some dealers are claiming the tents they sell are flame retardant when they are not! Be sure before you buy. Don't get ripped off by fly by night tent dealers.


All Blockade Runner brand tents are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship for LIFE.

Don't just take our word for it

The best place to find out just how good (or bad) a tent really is would be to talk with someone who owns one. Talk with any owner of one of our tents and you'll find a
Happy Camper!


We offer several extra features so you can customize your tent to fit your needs!

       Fire Safety For Tents

Fire safety is always a concern, and I have never felt the need to speak on the subject before this. I have always believed that most reenactors have had some camping experience in their life and if not the old timers in the unit would look after them. At the very least good ol' common sense would prevail. Alas, wrong again.

In the spring of 1999 I personally witnessed eight tents burn to the ground. Fortunately no one was hurt but that is not always the case. Last year in Utah a young man was severely burned when his tent caught on fire. Some of the tent owners were new to camping and some had years of experience. Some of the tents burned on windy days and others on calm days. There were various factors involved in each case but with just a little investigation we were able to find one common thread connecting all these fires.

The tents had all recently been treated with a commercial water repellant!!! Regardless of what name brand you use, if it's in a small spray can or a 5-gallon bucket, they all have one thing in common. They are petroleum based. That's right, gasoline. Here's the scenario folks. Let's spray gasoline on a heavy cotton cloth and then go sleep under it next to an open fire and if were really lucky the wind will kick up some nice hot embers!

If you're into thrill seeking, go bungee jumping. if your looking to replace Flaming Man on The David Letterman Show you should go enroll in a good stunt school. But, please don't set your gasoline soaked rag up next to my tent!

Parents of young reenactors should take special note of this. Remember the first few times you were away from home with little or no supervision? (nuff said)

To make a long story short don't let a few pennies in the cost of a flame retardant tent verses a non flame retardant tent, or someone who does not know what they are talking about talk you into buying or using petroleum based water repellents for your tent if you are not comfortable using them. they can be used safely and have been for years if you follow a few common sense rules.
Such as: Never leave your fire unattended. If the wind picks up and there are tents down wind put the fire out or at least use a minimum of wood to keep it going. There will always be the unexpected and the other guy. Both are tough to prepare for and sometimes impossible to predict. I would not use a flammable tent and I would not let my family sleep in one.

With all the safety aspects of the hobby you already have to worry about, why add one more?
This article has been presented here for your information only. The best information you can obtain on a tent comes not from the maker but from people who own that brand tent. The Blockade Runner is happy to send samples of our flame retardant canvas to you at no cost so you can test it yourself. Forewarned is fore armed.

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