Custom Order, Return And Shipping Policy

What is a custom order?

No one keeps a larger selection of uniforms on the rack than Blockade Runner! More than anyone else in the business. We offer a wide variety of choices in our garments, materials, colors and cuts, but we can't keep them all on the rack in every size. Because of this, some of the goods offered must be considered custom orders. Richmond Type 3 in gray wool is not a custom order. That's a common garment we ship everyday. A Richmond Type 1 in a small size made from Richmond gray wool is a custom order. I'm sure you understand. If you have any questions about whether your order is or isn't a "custom order" just ask. We are always glad to assist you.

Can I return or exchange a custom order?

If we don't make your order to your specifications of course we will fix it. But, if we make a garment to your specs and it does not fit properly or you said Richmond grey but you meant Cadet grey...
well that's not really our fault.
Unfortunately, we can't accept it for exchange or refund. We will adjust the garment if possible but there will be a fee.

The moral of this story is measure carefully and be sure of what your asking for. Once again if you have questions we are always happy to assist you. Please don't hesitate to ask.

Refunds, Exchanges and Returns

All returns, refunds or exchanges must have a return approval number. Call anytime during regular business hours for an approval number. No packages are accepted with out a number. Unless we made a mistake in your order, the buyer (thats you) pays all shipping cost for exchanges.
All exchanges must be returned in like new condition.
All returns, refunds or exchanges are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
You have a 10 day inspection period on all goods. No returns are accepted after 10 days.

If we made a mistake in your order we will gladly correct it at no charge to you.


We ship UPS. The minimum shipping charge is $12.98 This includes insurance and email tracking. For heavy packages, call for estimated shipping charges. If shipping charges exceed the estimated cost, your card will be billed again for the balance. Let's review; Heavy packages or orders which require multible packages may result in two charges to your card. You are only billed for the actual shipping cost, there is no handling fee, no packaging fee or any other fee. Just the actual shipping that the carrier charges us.

Rush orders

There is a $25.00 rush order fee for packages that must go out immediately plus actual shipping cost.

All heavy packages are shipped UPS and charges are based on UPS price rates.
Small packages (packages under 5 lbs.) are $12.98 to most locations.

Set up kit for 9 ft. A frames or larger tent set up.
UPS requires 50 lbs. on this package because of its size.

****International customers call, fax, or e-mail orders & address.****
****We will calculate your shipping for you!****

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